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Are you in search of an attorney to ensure you’re taking the best course of action for your case? If so, Franklin D. Peterson in Kenyon, MN, can assist you. Renowned for securing favorable outcomes for my clients and charging competitive legal fees, I’m committed to helping you through even the most complicated of legal matters. In the legal field, experience counts, so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ve made the right decision by entrusting me to guide you to get the results you seek.  Whether you need an attorney to move forward with legal action or as a precautionary measure, the process can be intimidating. I pride myself on doing everything I can to ensure you’re comfortable and that you feel seen, heard, and understood from the initial consultation to the final ruling. You can always count on me to be available and to answer your questions in a timely manner to ease your concerns. I have perfected my approach through years of successful cases in a wide range of general practice, including probate, wills,  trusts, estate planning and  real estate law. 

Why Choose Us?

Estate Planning: From establishing a living trust to updating your will, estate planning is needed to ensure your wishes are carried out after your passing. I’ll work with you to ensure it’s a seamless process.

General practice for wills probate and Real Estate.